Frequently asked questions

  1. What are adaptogens? Adaptogens are herbs that help our bodies adapt to stress in any form- physical, psychological, environmental, etc. They work by helping the body to regulate functions and restore homestasis. In short, they help keep us balanced. To be considered an adaptogen, an herb must: a) be nontoxic b) produce a nonspecific response to a broad spectrum of stressors,  c) have a normalizing effect on the body
  2. How did you formulate these products? Each formula was designed with a specific ratios of herbs to achieve the specific goal of the product while remaining balanced. Energize will help you if you're feeling tired or unfocused, Relax will help if you're feel stressed, edgy or wound-up, and Superchai is designed to give you overall health boosting effects.
  3. Where do you ship? We ship to all 50 states for a flat fee of $6.
  4. Do I have to boil the adaptogen powders prior to using them? The adaptogens are best used after steeping. This helps release all the beneficial qualities and allows them to dissolve. We recommend letting the herbs sit in hot to boiling water for 5 minutes before drinking or adding to a smoothie. 
  5. Do I need to take them every day? Most people will feel the beneficial effects of adaptogens after 1 to 2 doses. For best results, and to build up a "reserve" against stress, we recommend consuming adaptogens every day! You can mix and match the products in our line, and can even combine them!
  6. Are your powders organic? Yes! 
  7. Do you offer samples? We do not currently offer samples but plan on having smaller single-serve offerings soon.
  8. Are your products vegan? Yes! 
  9. What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I use these? We recommend you speak to your doctor before using our powders. 
  10. Where do you source your herbs? We source from top USDA approved herb purveyors. 
  11. Does your powders contain caffeine? Nope. None of our products contain caffeine. 
  12. Do you offer next day delivery? We do offer quicker delivery for clients who live within the Maikana Foods delivery zone. 
  13. Can I overdose or take too much? These are natural, organic nontoxic herbs and you would have to take an extreme amount at once to truly affect your body but that being said, please consult your doctor if you're worried about taking adaptogens.
  14. What if I am taking other medications, can I combine them? We recommend you ask your doctor prior to using our products. 
  15. Do you have gift cards? Yes, you can purchase them through our Maikana Foods site and apply them during check out. 
  16. I have a retail store and want to carry your products? Yay! Please email us at to discuss. 
  17. Can I travel with your products? Yes, these are free to go through security.